Disclaimer: QuickFit is a training workout studio that have certified personal trainers and they will guide you to achieve your
fitness goals and the result will vary from person to person depending on your body and type of diet you are doing.

Just 20 minutes per week

Quickfit presents a revolution in health and body care in just 20 minutes once or twice per week.

EMS Training Quickfit – EMS Fitness Studio Dubai

We offer the most advanced system in electro muscle stimulation, a high-performance personal training system that gives great and visible results. We Are using the most advanced Wireless technology in electro stimulation -JustFit EMS Training.

Our EMS Dubai Training offers an alternative to traditional training: in only 20 minutes once or twice per week , you will strengthen your body and improve your health, shape and tone your muscles, lose weight, get fit and improve your performance (strength, speed and resistance) rehabilitate and prevent injuries and alleviate pain. JustFit is a completely new training method which is very different in regards to its depth & volume from classic muscle training.

In other words, no longer time-consuming training, but intense, gentle on the joints muscle training without the risk of injury & muscle strains/cramps (due to no lactic acid build up) and in a fraction of the time.

Why choose Quickfit?

Do you lack of free time? Are you unmotivated? Have you experienced failures during other training? Are you suffering from pain or physical injuries? QuickFit EMS Training offers you an immediate solution to all these excuses.

Weight Loss

Weight reduction made easy

Strengthens the connective tissue
Pre-natal combat against loose skin
Fat loss
Weight loss
Cell activation

Muscle Building

Strength training without weights

Increase muscle size
Increase maximum strength
Builds deeper muscle fibers
Faster regeneration
Accelerate metabolism
Live Healthy

Reducing Cellulite

A powerful cellulite treatment

Perfect body forming
Activate metabolism
Firms body contour and skin
Reduce cellulite
Performs lymph drainage

Back Pain

Relieve back and joint pain

Strengthens the back
Builds supporting muscle
Reaches the deeper muscles fibers
Improves blood circulation
Strengthens the cardio-vascular system

Professional Sport

Raise your performance level

Raising performance levels
Increasing strength
Muscle building
Local stabilisation
Optimising the regeneration process


Trial SessionAED160

The Trial session with QuickFit cost 160 AED only. Includes 20 minutes intense training, Personal trainer, BMI test, Nutrition consulting, Training equipment.

Membership starting fromAED115

EMS Training with Personal Trainer at QuickFit starts as low as 115 AED per week. We have different membership packages, so after the trial session, you can choose the package that suits you better. All our memberships include 20 minutes intense training with your own Personal trainer, BMI test, Food plan, Measurements.