4 Reasons Your Athletes Can Benefit From Electrical Muscle Stimulation

4 Reasons Your Athletes Can Benefit From Electrical Muscle Stimulation

The best sports minds agree that EMS device has become a valuable training tool. With the goal to contract muscles voluntarily, its goal is not just to be used by the average exerciser but also at high levels of performance. However, since this is a fairly new device not all sportspeople understand the application or how it works. If you are a trainer or a coach and have not integrated electrical muscle stimulation into your regular workout routines, may be it is time to look at the benefits and acknowledge how athletes can make big strides.

Research has indicated that EMS works

Research has provided positive results in support of the EMS device for performance gains and strength enhancement. The technology like with any performance tool should be used in the appropriate setting, timing and frequency. The training should be a well organized program. It is not just about wearing the device and turning on the pulse. Even with EMS, you should set clear goals and objectives for your athletes. You can maximize the benefits of EMS when it is combined with traditional training. However, even on its own, electrical muscle stimulation will offer a significant advantage and boost the athlete’s training.

EMS delivers complete muscle contraction

When athletes are experiencing accumulated stress, psychological and physical it can interfere with the thought process as well. This means the voluntary signs that go from the brain to the body can feel fatigued. When relying solely on the strength of the athlete, you may be selling them short. With EMS training, your athlete can experience a complete and clean muscle contraction. The contraction is mostly voluntary, so even when there is fatigue and the brain stops paying attention, the pulse will continue to vibrate causing the athlete to get a complete body workout.

EMS helps with recovery

When training and competing schedules are tight and athletes do not have the time of luxury to recover at their own pace, electrical muscle stimulation is extremely useful. The EMS device is portable which means your athletes can take it home and apply them while sitting down or surfing the web. EMS also increases circulation and helps loosen muscles.

EMS devices are convenient

EMS devices can fit into your travel suitcase. This is particularly useful to athletes who need to travel often for competition and games. They function as a strength training and recovery tool which gives your athletes the extra edge when it comes to training for competitive sports. A number of NFL and NBA athletes have confirmed that they benefit from the EMS device and it is a simple and convenient solution when working around the demands and schedules of regular season.




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