How Athletes Can Increase Their Performance

How Athletes Can Increase Their Performance

Great strides have been made in the developments of sports medicine in recent years. Advanced biotechnology has allowed athletes to perform at higher levels and maintain their bodies in the best physical condition. Athletes have become faster and stronger as a result of workout techniques and nutritional guidelines. One of the most important concepts for athletes today is to use electrical muscle stimulation in Dubai to push their body to the maximum level and achieve high level performance.

Electrical muscle stimulation occurs when an electrical pulse is sent to the body’s muscle groups which lead to involuntary contraction. The electrodes are attached to your skin close to the muscles where the treatment is required.

Why is EMS training effective to improve performance and recovery?

Electrical muscle stimulation makes muscles contract which affects the natural processes of the body. Specifically, it is similar to a muscle conditioning device that stimulates muscles to lead to contraction. Muscle contraction activates Nitric oxide in the bloodstream which opens up the blood vessels and increases the flow of nourishment to muscle groups.

Who is using EMS training?

As a result of electrical muscle stimulation in Dubai aiding muscle performance and recovery the training is used by athletes in an array of sports that includes basketball, motocross and cycling. Many of these athletes have experienced benefits firsthand to improve performance and recovery using EMS training. The development of this technology, particularly if you are an elite athlete will lead you to get more gains, reduce downtime between workouts and perform your best.

Did you know that electrical muscle stimulation is used by some of the biggest names in the sporting world? Jim Mc Crossin is the head athlete trainer and conditioning coach of the NHL Philadelphia Flyers. Jim has been with the Flyers close to two decades and serves on the board for Strength and Conditioning in the Mid Atlantic. He is a firm believer in EMS training and encourages his athletes to take the maximum advantage of this technology.

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