Why Competitive Athletes Should Give EMS A Try?

Why Competitive Athletes Should Give EMS A Try?

For many people when they first hear of electrical muscle stimulation, it can seem strange. You may question how beneficial a vibration or simple shock can be. This is truer for athletes. There are significant benefits as research suggests. In fact, EMS training is now considered something that can help enhance and improve overall physical performance. If you are a competitive athlete and you want to find the edge in physical activity and fitness, electrical muscle stimulation may be the right choice.

Increased muscle growth

It is a well known fact that the EMS device targets specific muscle groups through pulses. This micro-current of electricity stimulates damaged muscle tissues and reconstructs them so that it gets bigger and stronger.

Optimized contraction on muscles

As an athlete you will be giving of yourself 100% physically, however, with traditional training you may not be getting the exact return. The truth is you deserve 100% return. Through EMS training each muscle contraction is thorough and complete. Maximizing contractions voluntarily is not something you can easily achieve during traditional training. With electrical muscle stimulation, on the other hand, muscle contraction will happen involuntarily which means you continue to do a thorough workout.

Increased blood circulation

For muscle performance and recovery, you need increased blood circulation. EMS optimizes how the blood is pumped back and forth to the muscle tissues, which in turn increases efficiency and endurance.

Quick recovery

When blood circulation increases, fresh blood replaces the waste that is removed from your damaged muscles. Fresh blood also comes packed with oxygen and nutrients that help with recovery of damaged and weakened muscle tissue.

You can train while you travel

The biggest benefit of the EMS device is that it is portable. As an athlete, you may have to travel around. This device is ideal on planes and busses and helps you make up for lost time. An athlete understands the importance of keeping stiff muscles at bay, which means you can workout wherever you go.


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