Does The 20 Minute Workout Help?

Does The 20 Minute Workout Help?

The EMS workout takes just 20 minutes. It is more effective than a one hour gym session. Does this sound too good to be true?

What do you do in EMS training?

In a 20 minute session you do different exercises that incorporate lunges, squats and standing ab crunches. This is while the electrical pulses flow into your muscle groups. A personal trainer will be with you the entire time, ensuring the levels are turned up and down.

The workout may seem slightly strange to someone who is used to doing a complete body workout at a regular gym. In addition, you are not working too hard like you would in traditional training. The movements are slow so you may feel like you are taking your own time. However, the levels get turned up and then it may feel like an intensive exercise.

How does the science behind EMS training work?

The science makes complete sense although you may find the whole thing bizarre. The electrical pulses activate your muscles that are normally not engaged. They are combined with muscle tension, working the muscles extra hard but not bearing any weight. It is a completely safe routine.

More muscle groups are activated in EMS training than it would during a conventional workout. This also includes muscles that you would not usually feel or know too much about. Essentially, you move less but you get an extra intense workout in a shorter time period. Sounds like a win-win for everybody!

Do you see results?

Of course! You will see results whether it is fat loss, muscle gain or improving tone. You will start seeing results within a few weeks. The body will feel tighter and you will notice more muscle tone.

Electrical muscle stimulation in Dubai is incredibly convenient as all it takes is 20 minutes which even the busiest person can fit into their schedule.

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