How Electro Muscle Stimulation Helps With Injury And Rehabilitation

How Electro Muscle Stimulation Helps With Injury And Rehabilitation

Electrical muscle stimulation is therapeutic treatment which applies electrical stimulation to treat muscle pain and spams. It is known to build strength and prevent atrophy in patients with injuries. EMS training is helpful to keep the muscles active particularly after a stroke or spinal cord injury.

Medical practitioners and physical therapists will attach electrodes to your skin which causes the muscles to contract. Electrical muscle stimulation in Dubai will help you maintain muscle strength and tone that might otherwise get wasted due to lack of use.

EMS training mimics the natural way your body uses its muscles. The electrical pulses are delivered to the muscles making them contract. It is beneficial to improving circulation and can even be used to treat medical conditions like arthritis, back pain, sciatica and scoliosis.

The EMS training device is mobile and can be taken with you anywhere you go. It helps with chronic pain, alleviating pain and healing wounds. For the patient’s convenience physical therapists may ask the patient to even use it at home.

Electrical muscle stimulation can also be used to decrease swelling and inflammation of affected tissues. It is a form of treatment that has shown positive effect in reducing back pain and improving asthma symptoms.

EMS training is very popular amongst athletes and coaches due to the fact that sportspeople have a gruelling schedule which requires them to do extensive traveling while at the same time keeping up with regular training and exercise. And with athletes prone to injuries, electric muscle stimulation can certainly help with rehabilitation and recovery in quicker time than would conventional recovery. In addition, ss the EMS training unit can be carried around wherever you go, it helps to keep up with your usual workout routine even while traveling. You just strap the device on and sit on a couch or lounge for 20 minutes.

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