How EMS Personal Training Has Become A Popular Phenomenon

How EMS Personal Training Has Become A Popular Phenomenon

Electro muscle stimulation training is a full body workout to reach fitness goals in less than half the time of a regular workout. Whatever your fitness level, goals or current limitations you can enjoy an intense workout session resulting in fewer visits to the gym and experiencing quicker results.

If you want to lose inches, eliminate that baby fat, tone up and look your best EMS personal training can help you get there. There will be a visible difference in reduction of body fat, cellulite, inches and muscle formation in the first few weeks.

EMS personal training is also the perfect workout for athletes. And when combined with conventional cardio training it can lead to a new level of performance and power.

EMS training also aims to reclaim and maintain mobility, and strengthen functional movements that have been hindered by disease, age, injury or surgery.

Why is EMS personal training so popular?

You train harder and achieve results quicker

EMS training is a full body workout. The training activates 95% of muscles, every time, and at the same time. Now you can stop making excuses, because you have an instant solution.

You pay less but achieve the same results

EMS training is not as costly as people think. After all, it’s not like you have to hit the gym everyday. In fact, one to two training sessions per week is sufficient due to high intensity level training.

You will workout with a personal trainer

You have a workout partner to train with. Not everyone enjoys working out alone. A personal trainer is there to motivate, encourage and push you to reach your fitness goals. Your personal trainer will adjust the intensity levels to control each muscle group. This will produce visible and effective results increasing your muscle tone, physical strength and overall fitness. And believe it or not, just one or two, 20 minute sessions a week is all it takes!

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