How EMS Training Can Help You Get Fitter And Into Better Shape

How EMS Training Can Help You Get Fitter And Into Better Shape

You may have seen the infomercials, people wearing fancy electrodes to stimulate their abs into an instant six pack. These devices are known as electrical muscle stimulation and are becoming more popular and a common way of training. Does this sound like an overnight get fit formula? How can you achieve a quicker way to weight loss through electrical stimulation?

A recent study on EMS training indicated that high frequency electric pulses did impact fat mass and body mass index. EMS training is a proven method to have a significant effect in decreasing your weight circumference, abdominal obesity and body fat percentage. The use of electrical impulses is also known to be beneficial in younger women who suffer from abdominal obesity.

At the same time, EMS is known to be helpful to increase blood flow to the muscles, help with pain management and performance. Now that you know the benefits of EMS training how can it help you workout more effectively, get fitter and get into good shape?

You can combine EMS training with traditional exercise. For instance, you can do barbell squats and body weights while running the electrical current simultaneously through your legs. It makes the workout more challenging as you would have to recruit muscle fiber than you normally would during a regular squat. You can also fix the electrodes to your chest and shoulders and do bench presses, overhead presses and push-ups.

Most EMS devices allow you to pick the level of intensity of electric impulses so that as you get fitter and stronger you can increase the weight and challenge yourself to a more difficult exercise routine.

If you have been injured and you are sitting on the couch lamenting that you are missing out on a good workout, do not be discouraged. In such instances, when you cannot move around or hit the gym you can fix the electrodes as you lounge on the couch and use the EMS device to activate your muscles.

And if you lead a hectic lifestyle and have barely any time to make it to the gym or workout regularly, EMS training will make working out easier than ever before. All you need to do is to set aside 20 minutes per week, and electrical muscle stimulation will do the job for you. One session per week will help you achieve your weight loss goals.


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