Everything You Need To Know About Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Everything You Need To Know About Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation has ample benefits, however, it has been under the radar for many years. EMS training is a course of action that sends low-level electric currents to activate muscles, making them contract.

Muscle atrophy can occur due to several health conditions. Electrical muscle stimulation in Dubai is used to maintain fragile muscles and eliminate the outcome of muscle atrophy. EMS training stimulates fragile muscles and makes them lively.

There are some patients who are stuck in wheelchairs due to pressure sores. These vulnerable patients more often than not use devices to apply pressure on specific parts of the body. Electrical muscle stimulation can aid wheelchair bound patients. It will stimulate pressure sores and minimize their occurrence.

Electrical muscle stimulation can be utilized for muscle re-education during physical treatment. Many patients require therapy following a wound that has resulted in unused muscles. In such instances, the EMS device is highly beneficial and effective. The aim of EMS training is to develop potency in weakened muscles, as well as re-build a connection between your brain to the unused muscles. With electrical muscle stimulation patients can set their muscles to achieve maximum capability.

Many people believe that EMS is mainly used for rehabilitation; however, it can also be used in training and recovery. Electrical muscle stimulation is known to provide greater contraction during training compared to normal contraction. In fact, it is 30% higher.

Another benefit of electrical muscle stimulation training is muscle recruitment velocity. In traditional training, your body would slowly twitch according to specific movement, followed by fast twitch when required. During EMS training the order is reversed. The fast twitching muscles go first making the training beneficial for power, speed and strength athletes.

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