A look at EMS training and how it works

A look at EMS training and how it works

Not many people are aware of the EMS device or know how it works. In short, you are wearing a vest with wires plugged in. A bigger cable is attached to the bodysuit which is then connected to a small machine with a screen. The machine whirrs up and off you go. You have to spend 20 minutes feeling mild forms of vibration in the hope of getting leaner, fitter and stronger.

EMS training or electrical muscle stimulation is not very new but there has been a resurgence in the past few months with many gyms and health centers opting to take this type of training on. The idea that somehow 20 minutes on this machine is far more effective than sweating it out three times a week at the gym may sound too good to be true. However, this is one of those instances where it really is.

The 20 minute EMS training session incorporates 10 different exercises which include squats, standing ab crunches and lunges. A personal trainer will be on stand-by to ensure the workout is going as planned and to turn the levels up and down whenever required. You may find it slightly strange the first time but with regular training it will become the norm. There isn’t much movement, and the movements itself are slow and you may not feel like its a proper workout, because you are not training hard or sweating profusely. That said when the levels are turned up you will feel the heat.

EMS training altogether makes a lot of sense. The electrical impulse will activate muscle groups you may not be able to reach through traditional exercise. The muscles are worked extra hard but safely. When it comes to conventional training there are plenty of muscles you may not even know that exists, and there are still others you don’t really feel. All these major muscle groups are impacted at the same time making it one of the most effective and popular workouts today.

And the best part is you will see results. And yes, they are immediate unlike hitting the gym and waiting a full good year to shed those pounds. A 20 minute session for a week and in one month you will start to feel your muscles getting tighter and your body feeling toned up.

It is an incredibly convenient training. You can even carry the EMS device on the go, it is portable. So if you are going on holiday you can still workout when you are away. Since it is just 20 minutes, fitting it into your daily routine is quick and easy.

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