Muscle building

Muscle building

Strength training without weights

  • Increase muscle size
  • Increase maximum strength
  • Builds deeper muscle fibers
  • Faster regeneration
  • Accelerate metabolism

Even with only 20 minutes per week, you will achieve success. QuickFit Training makes possible highly effective muscle building with relatively little expenditure of time.

Typically, when you train at the gym (or other similar exercise), you will only use between 40 – 70% of your strength potential. EMS training improves how your muscles work together and increases the intensity of your muscle contractions, enabling your body to use up to 90% of it’s potential – achieving more, in a shorter time.

The extra stimulation given to your muscles during an EMS training session is what leads to an increase in muscle mass. After just a few training sessions, you will typically notice an increase in the size of your chest, arm and leg muscles.


Disclaimer: QuickFit is a training workout studio that have certified personal trainers and they will guide you to achieve your
fitness goals and the result will vary from person to person depending on your body and type of diet you are doing.