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What is Quick Fit EMS?

The Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is the stimulation of body muscles, using the same electric impulses which the brain normally sends to muscles to contract them. As a result, the body builds muscle and activates the fat burning mechanism and tones up.


How Quick Fit Works?

During the 20-minute Quick Fit EMS session, ALL the major muscles of the body are engaged, with high-intensity. After the training, your body needs 5-6 days of recovery, during which it builds muscle and burns fats.


Why Quick Fit?

• Wireless EMS Machines
• Certified Personal Trainers
• Professional Nutritionists
• Impeccable Safety And Sanitization
• Ladies Only Studios
• Open 7 Days A Week

Results in 12 Weeks!

Reach Unprecedented Results Faster Than Ever. At our studios, we meet individual goals, offering specialized fitness plans to achieve the best results for you. Based on the progress of Quick Fit users, here are the Average Results of Only 12 Weeks training with Quick Fit EMS.

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Disclaimer: QuickFit is a training workout studio that have certified personal trainers and they will guide you to achieve your
fitness goals and the result will vary from person to person depending on your body and type of diet you are doing.