Shed Those Excess Pounds – EMS Training Will Help You Achieve It

Shed Those Excess Pounds – EMS Training Will Help You Achieve It

You’ve probably seen the infomercials on TV featuring a man or woman lounging on a couch, smiling happily while some electrodes are attached to their body and the visual is stimulated to an instant 6-pack. This is known as EMS or electrical muscle stimulation which is becoming more and more common at gyms, health and fitness clubs and amongst athletes.

To many people it sounds too good to be a true. A 20 minute workout done once a week will not only get you fit but also help you lose that unwanted weight. The good news is that electrical muscle stimulation is as good as it sounds.

A recent study researched a group of exercisers that did a trial run with EMS training and the results were surprising. These people didn’t modify their diet, however, there were significant effects on decrease in weight circumference, fat mass, abdominal obesity and body fat percentage. The use of electrical muscle stimulation in Dubai is beneficial to helping people lose excess fat and reach a well balanced weight.

Most EMS units will allow you to pick the level of intensity of the electrical pulse so that as you get stronger and fitter it can increase the electric current, similar to increasing the weights you lift in a gym setting.

EMS training in Dubai is similar to that of traditional exercise in terms of muscle activation. Traditional exercise sees brain send signals to the muscle to bring about contractions, and in EMS training the actions are similarly mimicked, however, using external impulses to bring muscle contraction. The difference between the two is that electrical pulses reach deep layered muscles whereas these muscles may be hard to contract through traditional training. Your muscles will not know the difference but it will be a more effective and result-oriented workout.

When you engage in a 20 minute, intense workout that is as effective as it is with electrical muscle stimulation, it will lead to you losing unwanted weight. This form of training is ideal for people with busy schedules and for those who have tried and tested numerous weight loss fixes but have not succeeded in their attempts.

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